S.E. Spokane County Fair Royalty

2017 Queen

Veronica Keizer

"...I have been going to Freeman for eleven years and I am so grateful that I go to the most caring, personable, and special school. The Freeman School District has helped me grow so much, not only as a student but as a person... I'm involved in many school activities as well as social organizations.  I am hardworking, reliable, and most of all, I love people... I think that the fair is an important tradition that should be kept to show the talents and achievements of our rural community."

2017 Princess

Cheyenne Groat

"Growing up in this community and having a long family history in the Rockford area, I understand our community's culture and farming base.  I recognize the role that the S.E. Spokane County Fair plays in our community and how this small three day event impacts the people and businesses in our area.Having a long-standing relationship with the fair and those involved has given me a good understanding of the needs of the fair and how this fair affects our community."