S.E. Spokane County Fair Royalty

2017 Queen

Veronica Keizer

"...I have been going to Freeman for eleven years and I am so grateful that I go to the most caring, personable, and special school. The Freeman School District has helped me grow so much, not only as a student but as a person... I'm involved in many school activities as well as social organizations.  I am hardworking, reliable, and most of all, I love people... I think that the fair is an important tradition that should be kept to show the talents and achievements of our rural community."

2017 Princess

Cheyenne Groat

"Growing up in this community and having a long family history in the Rockford area, I understand our community's culture and farming base.  I recognize the role that the S.E. Spokane County Fair plays in our community and how this small three day event impacts the people and businesses in our area.Having a long-standing relationship with the fair and those involved has given me a good understanding of the needs of the fair and how this fair affects our community."

Support Our Court

Royalty Coronation Ceremony

Come to the Methodist Church in Rockford on May 20, 2018, at 6pm for candidate speeches, cake, and a whole lot of fun. Admittance $10

Fairfield Flag Day

Watch our newly-crowned royalty court as they debut in the parade on June 9, 2018. Admittance FREE

Spangle Days

Cheer on the S.E. Spokane County Fair Royalty as they cruise through the Spangle Days Parade on June 16, 2018. Admittance FREE

Cheney Rodeo Days

Become a part of the action on July 7, 2018 as you see the court parade through downtown Cheney. Admittance FREE

Radio and TV

Tune into the KXLY morning news during the week of the S.E. Spokane County Fair to see our royalty. Tune into the Big 99.9 Coyote Country following their TV appearance to hear what they have to say with Jay&Kevin in the Morning.

S.E. Spokane County Fair

From September 22 to September 24, 2017, meet our royalty girls in person as they appear throughout the fairgrounds, parade, and main-stage events. Admittance FREE

Interested in Running?

Why run? Words from a past Queen

Looking back on my childhood, the most memorable thing that I accomplished was holding the title of S.E. Spokane County Fair Queen, and that is not an overstatement.  Because I have always had deep roots in this community, I had dreamt of holding this title for many years and was rewarded well because of the experience.

Being a part of the Royalty Court is not a cake-walk, however.  Court members need to be aware that there is much wok involved in their duties.  Going to parades and events is not just about fun (although that is a big part!), but it is also about promoting the fair and knitting the community together.  Royalty members need to be responsible, knowing that they are a billboard for their fair and that they need to behave accordingly.  

Most of the work involved in this volunteer position takes place during the week of the fair.  All year has been spent leading up to this point, and the best is yet to come.  Duties such as announcing raffle winners, handing out livestock judging ribbons, creating games for the kids after the parade, chatting with fair-goers, and collecting raffle prizes should not be taken lightly.

Along with the work involved come many great memories!  For me, I am very blessed to have been able to bond so tightly with my two princesses over the year that we reigned together.  I dearly remember our escapade to the KXLY news room with a box full of pigs at about 5 o'clock in the morning.  Also, we were the first royalty court to enter a table setting as a team in the S.E. Spokane County Fair and it was so much fun to see which ribbon we were awarded for our teamwork.  My court and I are still pretty close friends and we continue to joke about the adventures that we had.

All in all, the hard work and time dedication reap many rewards: if you are motivated to help make this fair and the Rockford community better, you will better yourself as well. However, it is backwards to think that volunteering for the Rockford Fair should happen because you are elected as royalty; instead, you should want to be elected to the royalty court because you already give your time to this community and are looking for another way to do so.

Remember: A princess is not measured by the size of her crown, but by the size of her heart.  

Download your candidate packet

If you are a girl of high school sophomore or junior age and would like a chance to represent the S.E. Spokane County Fair, learn lots, and have tons of fun, take a look at the Royalty Packet below.  In it are all the details, rules, and qualifications as well as an application questionnaire.  Applications must be finished and returned by April 1, 2018.

If you are a potential candidate sponsor, or if you have any questions about becoming a contestant, please contact Kris Pettibone at 509.291.5191.